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General Manager, Stella Chu

Stella is a junior Film & Media student with a concentration in journalism and a minor in film.


Her show Ear Tapas,  which airs on Fridays at 5 pm, features some of her favorite tracks of the week, and occasionally includes a rotation of her favorite members at WHCS. 

She's our General Manager, in charge of making sure everything in the station runs smoothly.


Station Manager, Valerie Duran

Valerie is a junior majoring in Philosophy and Political Science. 


Her show, Thus Spoke Sound, airs on Mondays at 7pm. It’s a solid mix of many different genres of music as well as some knowledgeable input on the artist and historical context.


She's our Station Manager,  in charge of the broadcasting schedule and general upkeep of the station and its DJs. 


Program Director, Celine Zhang

Celine is a junior majoring in innovation and sustainability.


Check out her show, the Cool Corner, on Tuesdays at 7 pm!


She's our Program Director,  in charge of planning our events. 


Treasurer, Kyla Gamaro

Kyla is a fourth year Developmental Psych major, and is also studying Political Science and Public Policy.


Her show, Ritalin Rodeo, airs on Thursdays at 2 pm.  


She's our Treasurer, in charge of all the financial dealings at WHCS.

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